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>VXL Thin Clients  

VXL Thin Clients – Buy online, best prices available


Established in 1976, VXL Thin Clients are designed to be innovative, high performance and well-built terminals, whilst at the same time being available at the lowest price.


As we are a VXL ‘Platinum Partner’, we are in the ideal position to be able to advise you on the benefits of VXL terminals.


We have the entire VXL Thin Client range available to buy online, but if you would like to evaluate any VXL equipment please complete the evaluation form or call us Free on 08000 23 22 26.



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VXL TC1330 Thin Client 64/256 VXL TC1330 Thin Client 64/256

Call for Pricing
Vxl 1440 CE Thin Client 128/256 Vxl 1440 CE Thin Client 128/256

Call for Pricing
VXL 1520 XPE Thin Client 1GB/1GB VXL 1520 XPE Thin Client 1GB/1GB

Call for Pricing
VXL C21 XPE Thin Client 1GB/1GB VXL C21 XPE Thin Client 1GB/1GB

Call for Pricing
C35 Linux GIO2, firefox 512/512 C35 Linux GIO2, firefox 512/512

Call for Pricing
VXL C32 Linux Thin Client 128/1 VXL C32 Linux Thin Client 128/1

Call For Replacement Product
1520 Xpe 2GB/2GB 1520 Xpe 2GB/2GB
1526 WES 2009 2GB/2GB 1526 WES 2009 2GB/2GB
D21S xpe 1GB/1GB D21S xpe 1GB/1GB
D23S WES 2009 2GB/2GB D23S WES 2009 2GB/2GB
IQ-B50 W10 (32GB/4GB) IQ-B50 W10 (32GB/4GB)
IQ-B64 GIO6 Linux 8GB/2GB IQ-B64 GIO6 Linux 8GB/2GB
LQ64 GIO6 Linux 8GB/2GB LQ64 GIO6 Linux 8GB/2GB
Vtona V200 PoE 512MB Vtona V200 PoE 512MB
Vtona V240 512MB Vtona V240 512MB
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