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Wyse V90L Thin Client (1GB/1GB)

Serial Number: 902141-08L
Manufacturer Name: Dell Wyse
Stock Status: This Model has now reached end of life, please contact us for a replacement.


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Wyse V90L Thin Clients have been depreciated, please contact us for recommended updated models  - (1GB/1GB),

Reflecting the needs of ever changing desktop environments the Wyse V90LE thin client has the expandability, power and Performance to match. Driven by powerful energy saving Via C7 Eden processors the Wyse V90LE thin client presents an all-round high performance and versatile desktop computing platform. Adding an extra monitor is simple with built-in dual video support. Expanding functionality is straightforward with an optional PC-Card expansion slot.


Choose the WiFi wireless options to deploy the Wyse V90LE thin client without compromising data security. And, just like all Wyse thin clients, it doesnt have a hard drive, so all your users data remains safely on the server, eliminating the risks from data loss or malicious viruses. A unique monorail mounting system allows the Wyse V90LE to be mounted discretely under desks, to walls and even to the rear of desktop monitors.


The Wyse V90LE is well suited to take advantage of Wyse WSM provisioning software and the Wyse TCX virtualization software suite.






-         Via C7 Eden processors feature inside every Wyse V class (800Mhz inside the L Family and 1.2 GHz inside the LE Family) delivering excellent performance with low energy use

-         The Wyse V class supports fixed and wireless networking, serial, video, sound and smart card connectivity

-         Supplied with a vertical foot as standard and optional horizontal standing feet

-         Can also be mounted to walls, under desks and to the rear of monitors

-         Draws just between 13 to 15 watts of power when connected to one keyboard, PS/2 mouse and monitor

-         Full integration with Wyse WSM proviosioning software with the Wyse V00L and V00LE

-         Features Wyse Device Manager (workgroup edition)

-         Dependant on the model, each Wyse V class can be enhanced by the Wyse TCX range of user enhancements

Deploy fully functional desktop computers, with better manageability with the ability to create bespoke system images 

Specifications for the WYSE V10LE Thin Client
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